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    Slamming Annihilation 2018


    Extermination Dismemberment - Serial Urbicide
    Extermination Dismemberment - Serial Urbicide Thumbnail
    Extermination Dismemberment - Butcher Basement Thumbnail

    Serial Urbicide

    2013, Amputated Vein Records
    Extermination Dismemberment - Butcher Basement
    Extermination Dismemberment - Serial Urbicide Thumbnail
    Extermination Dismemberment - Butcher Basement Thumbnail

    Butcher Basement

    2010, Imbecil Entertainment Records / Morbid Generation Records


    Klubas "Lemmy" (Neramumai III)Kaunas, Lithuania
    Zámek (Nice To Eat You Deathfest)Horní Libchava, Czech Republic
    BallonfabrikAugsburg, Germany
    BandhausLeipzig, Germany
    Juki42 (Holsteiner Deathfest)Ahrensburg, Germany
    Cafe CentralWeinheim, Germany
    Le Gibus LiveParis, France
    Le Mondo BizarroRennes, France
    Gebr. de NobelLeiden, Netherlands
    The Other Side Live (Brutality Over Peer)Peer, Belgium
    Werkhof Bischof (Rock The Hell)Alt St. Johann, Switzerland


    Extermination Dismemberment Logo


    Extermination Dismemberment Lineup

    "Slamming Brutal Death Metal brought to a whole new level." – Amputated Vein Records

    Extermination Dismemberment is a Slamming Brutal Death Metal band from Minsk, Belarus. The band's current lineup includes Arseniy Kovalchuk (guitar), Vladislav Martirosov (vocals), Viktor Kanashevich (bass) and Denis Poluyan (drums). The band was founded in October 2009 by guitarist Arseniy Kovalchuk and vocalist Valeriy Kozhemyako. They started working on the debut album at once. During the process, the band found two more members: Viktor Kanashevich (bass) and Vladislav Martirosov (drums). Valeriy Kozhemyako left the band in 2013 and was replaced by the band's drummer Vladislav Martirosov in 2016. Soon after that Denis Poluyan joined the band on drums.

    The band's debut album Butcher Basement was released in December 2010 by the Ukrainian label Imbecil Entertainment Records. Having started actively playing shows, Extermination Dismemberment immediately started writing new material and three years after their debut album, on May 27th 2013, the second full-length album Serial Urbicide was released by the famous Japanese label Amputated Vein Records. Immediately after the release, Serial Urbicide collected a lot of positive reviews and became album of the year according to SBDC. To this day, Serial Urbicide stays in fans' playlists and continues to gather new audiences around the world.



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